16 Bienal de Artes Mediales de Santiago

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Su Yu Hsin

Lun 23 Oct 2023 ⎯ 19:00 hrs.
a Lun 23 Oct 2023 ⎯ 21:30 hrs.

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Video a dos canales, HD, color, sonido, 16 min

Lun 23 Oct 2023 ⎯ 19:00 hrs.
a Lun 23 Oct 2023 ⎯ 21:30 hrs.

[Modo hibernación]

But the sleep of a hibernate object would instead be a state of perfect sleep, in which an entity would be real but simply without relation.” ⏤ Graham Harman

Aiôn is a Hellenistic deity associated with time, ex. season, breath, sleep (dream) etc, even Deleuze describes Cinematic time as aiôn which stretches out to become an intangible past and future, or Chronos (Chr), the ever-present that expresses only the here and now. In Geology, aiôn is used for eternity time which could also refer to four aiôns that make up the earth’s history. Aiôn is defined in Astronomy as Trillion years. Thus, we could say hibernatemode is in aiôn where an entity breaks relation with outside. Su Yu Hsin composes essay film through philosophical and scientific approach to overlap and juxtaposition images with events, ex. Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. Australian scientists’ microscopic investigation of antarctic moss reveals the atmospheric record of Earth in its layer of cells. She uses found footage, data and facts to visualize relational geographic analysis.

Cineteca Nacional, Centro Cultural La Moneda.

Plaza de la ciudadania 26
Santiago, Chile
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